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We all want to network and make new connections at events & conferences. But with 1000’s of people around whom to connect with and make use of time better? Now with meetonic, you can look around and choose whom to meet. Isn’t it powerful


How about meeting that special person while hanging out with friends at restaurants, pubs, clubs? Well look around on meetonic, he/she might just be next to you. Good things will come to you when you are not looking for them.


Its hard to believe spending time on airports can be so much fun too. In your next layover break, meet people from all corners of the world and know their life journey. Discover real people and make memories.


Office breaks will never be the same again. Connect with people beyond your team or your company Have a conversation with someone new during your next work break or find someone to collaborate on your next project.


Do you really know your neighbors? There are doctors, writers, actors, potential business clients or amazing people in general living around you. Through meetonic catch up with your neighbors like never before and create memories.


First day of college and everything seems to be so new and you wonder how to connect with new people? Meetonic is here to help and making friend Find partners for your next academic project through meetonic.


Ever faced a scenario where you so wish to go to music festival or a book reading session but none of your friends are willing to come along? Meetonic will always help you find like minded friends for your next adventure.


We know you hate shopping, but you are just giving a company out of no choice. Well next time when she is trying in trail room, you can try meetonic and meet someone. Get a return on your sweet gesture.