At Meetonic we take utmost care and use advanced technology to protect your personal information from getting altered or shared to third party. Never give out your personal information such as your username or password, address details or other personal details to any third party.NOTE: We at Meetonic app will never send you an email asking for your Account log-in credentials. If there is any such incident, the same should be reported back to us immediately via email or customer support services mentioned in Tou.


Never share your financial details or send funds to any user on Meetonic. Do not send money via bank transactions or wired transfer especially overseas as it can amount to fraud or scams. Transactions done via wired money cannot be traced and the user can suffer huge losses. Meetonic shall not be liable for any financial losses accruing out of financial information shared by the user to any third party.


While using the Meetonic, the users should interact with other users and if there is any suspicious activity, that needs to be accounted immediately to us. Further, on the App you have the option of blocking the users accounted for suspicious behavior.


MEET AT A PUBLIC PLACE: while meeting the matched through App, always meet the person at a public place and not at a remote location excluding slum areas.

GET TO KNOW THE PERSON: Before planning a meeting with the matched user, keep on conversing with the matched user and get to know them nicely and more clearly to trust that user.

AVOID ALCOHOL: It is advisable by Meetonic not to consume alcohol in the first meeting with the matched user and take proper care and attention as to what you are consuming with the person so that you stay safe.

INFORM TRUSTED PEOPLE: Before going out for meetings with a matched user always inform your friends and family members about your plans and location, so that they can keep a track of your location and get you out of problematic situations, if any.

TRANSPORTATION: Take care of your commute from your place to the meeting place and be independent enough to commute on your own.

STAY SOBER: When meeting the matched user for the first time, stay sober for your own safety.

For any other help when stuck in an indecent situation, immediately call up any emergency lines for help.